Objectives of the REFUGE platform


Host scientists, including non rice specialists, who aim at elucidating the function of their favourite genes through the use of rice as a model system. Facilitate their research on that system to produce high quality publications and further access to funding sources.

Set up optimum traceability and storage of materials in implementing quality in research on the platform .

Further develop methodological improvements enhancing attractiveness of the platform, such as in planta transformation, early determination of T-DNA integration and expression, inactivation of gene expression through artificial microRNA, targeted integration of T-DNA in the rice genome.

Besides REFUGE, project proposals are submitted to other funding sources by the founder units to develop new technologies which once optimized will be established as a new service on the platform.

Research aiming at setting up replacement and targeted integration of genes through homologous recombination are pursued. Beyond the hosting of scientists conducting their own research on the platform, REFUGE will organize 2-3 week hands-on workshops aiming at initiating scientists from the South to functional genomics strategies. Information will be provided on the web site.