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Mr Andrès


Colombian Dr Mathias Lorieux CIAT, Colombia S1 locus in Oryza glaberrima Transformation constructs and rice transformation  PhD thesis on going

Ms Jennifer 



Dr M.


Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany Jasmonate signalling in rice  Training in rice transformation  Training Completed
Ms Romy Schmidt German Dr J. Schippers MPIPMP, Gölm, Germany Salt tolerance in rice Production of transgenic rice plants

Publications (AoB plants, Mol Plant, Plant Cell, Plant J),

PhD thesis

Ms Viviana Araus Chilean Pr R. Gutierrez Pontifica Universidad Catolica de Chile Nitrogen Use Efficiency (NUE) in rice Set up NUE screen in wild type rice. Characterize mutants in NUE genes. Transformation for overexpression PhD Thesis Completed


Dr Damien Lightfoot




Pr M. Tester


ACPFG, Adelaide, Australia


Trans-activation of salt tolerance genes in root specific cell types


Phenotyping salt tolerance, sampling for biochemical and molecular analyses




On going



Mr Walid ben Rohmdane




Dr A. Hassairi


KSU, Riyhad, Saudi Arabia


Function of BLT genes from Aeluropus littoralis in stress tolerance


Characterization of transgenic plants, peptide localization and electrophysiology in Xenopus (hosting BPMP unit)



PhD thesis


On going



Dr Giang Hoang Thi




Pr  Do Nang Vinh


IGA, Hanoi, Vietnam


Genetic engineering of rice for enhanced stress resistance


Training in rice transformation







Mr Nabil Zouari




Dr A. Hassairi


CBS, Sfax, Tunisia


Transcriptome analysis of Aeluropus littoralis


NGS data analysis (support South Green bioinformatics platform)



PhD thesis



On going



Mr Marouane Melloul





CNRST, Rabat, Morocco


Genetic engineering of durum wheat for abiotic stress tolerance


Mutant analysis in rice




On going



Mr Issa Wonni




Dr B. Szurek


INERA, Bobo Dioulasso, Burkina Faso


Bacterial blight resistance


Transgenic plant production



PhD thesis


On going



Ms Itamara Mezzalira





Dr D. Fernandez


Faculta de agronomia Eliseu Maciel, Pelotas


Study of nematode effectors in rice


Transfer of RNAi constructs targeting nematode genes in rice


Master Thesis


On going



 Ms  Sally Koegel





 Pr P.E. Courty


University of Basel


 Ammonium transport in Sorghum


1 month and 2 weeks for transferring amiRNA constructs into rice


  PhD Thesis



On going

Ms Elizabeth Contreras Nieto Colombian


Dr B. Szurek

CIAT, Colombia Bacterial Blight Resistance 1 month for transferring two constructs to rice cv. Nipponbare PhD thesis On going
Ms Magda Beneventi Brazilian

Dr D. Fernandez

EMBRAPA, Brazil Study of nematode virulence effectors in rice 2 month for transferring RNAi and overexpressers constructs in rice PhD thesis Completed
Mr Phong Vu NGUYEN



Dr S. Bellafiore

Institute for Crop Protection, Hanoi, Vietnam Study of nematode virulence effectors in rice 2 month for transferring RNAi and overexpressers constructs in rice PhD thesis On going
Dr Mohsen Hanana   Tunisian   Centre de Biotech de Borj-Cedria, Tunisia Abiotic stress tolerance in rice 3 months for site directed mutagenesis and testing OX of variants of the vacuolar NHX gene in rice. Publication Completed
Ms Malika Ayadi   Tunisian


Dr K. Masmoudi

Centre de Biotechnologies
De Sfax, Tunisia
Abiotic stress tolerance in durum wheat 3 month for transferring five constructs to rice cv. Nipponbare

Publication (Plant Physiol Biochem)

PhD thesis

Dr Irena Villalta Spanish


Dr J. Quintero

Instituto de Recursos Naturales y Agrobiología-CSIC, Seville SOS1 caracterisation in rice 1 month for transferring four constructs to rice cv. Nipponbare Publication Completed
Ms Katharina Svyatyna Ukrainian 


Dr M. Riemann

Botanical Institute I, KIT (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology), Germany Study of the Jasmonic Acid  signalling pathway in rice 1 month for transferring seven constructs to rice cv. Nipponbare PhD thesis Completed
Ms Meriem Daly Maroccan


Dr AA Very

Université Hassan II-. Casablanca Morocco Salt stress tolerance 4 months for mutant complementation PhD thesis Completed
Ms Liselotte Selter   Swiss


Pr B. Keller

Zurich U. Switzerland Leaf rust resistance 1 month for making crosses cumulating two mutations in the orthologs of Lr34 in rice


PhD thesis

Dr Tapash Dagupta   Indian


Pr A. Price

U. Aberdeen, UK Aquaporins
 in rice
3 months for preparing and transferring RNAi constructs in rice cv. Bala and Azucena Training Completed
Dr Sri Koernati Indonesian   Bogor, Indonesia Root development 2 months for analyzing linkage between root alteration and  T-DNA in selected GAL4 :GFP lines. Training Completed
Mr Ali Sassi Tunisian



Dr A.A. Very

BPMP, Montpellier K+/Na+ transport in rice 3 months for backcrosses of insertion mutant lines, Promoter: gusA and promoter:gfp analyses

Publication (Plant Physiol)

PhD thesis

Mr Imran Khan Pakistanese


Dr A.A. Very

BPMP, Montpellier Adaptation to salt stress 3 months Growth and backcross of insertion lines. Production of RNAi plants. Analyses of  promoter: gusA plants. PhD thesis Completed
Dr Daiyun Qui   Chinese


Dr J. Masle

ANU, Australia Abiotic stress tolerance and development 1 month for analyzing complementation, overexpressers in LRR-RLK ERECTA genes Publication On going
Ms Rania Ben Saad Tunisian


Dr A. Hassairi

CBS Sfax, Tunisia Role of the Zn finger of the halophyte Aeluropus littoralis in drought and salt tolerance Production of OX, promoter gusA fusion, genotyping of insertion lines PhD thesis, Publications (PMB, Ref.; Transgenic Res, Ref., PCE, Ref.) On going
Ms Laura Montesinos Spanish


Dr M. Coca

CSIC, Barcelona Expression of recombinant proteins in rice seeds Production of transgenic plants

Publication (BMC Plant Biology)

PhD thesis

Mr Thanh Duc N Guyen Vietnamese


Pr Do Nang Vinh

National Key
Laboratory for Plant Cell Biotechnology, Vietnam
Virus resistance (RRSV, RGSV) analysi 2 months for analyzing amiRNA plants Training Completed
Ms Helen Parker   English


Pr M. Bennett

U. Nottingham, UK Functional analysis of aux-1 and lax3 genes  Complementation, Analysis of promoter:gfp and promoter gusA fusions PhD thesis, Publication Completed
Ms Nampeung Anukul  Thai


Pr M. Bennett

U. Nottingham, UK Functional analysis of folate biosynthesis gene Genotyping of insertion lines PhD thesis, Publication (Rice; Ref.) Completed
Ms Michela Osnato Italian


Pr L. Rossini

U. Milano, Italy Functional analysis of the regulators of Bkn3, whose mutation causes the hooded phenotype Construction of RNAi / OX vectors PhD thesis, Publications (Plant Phys, Ref.)(Plant Phys) Completed
Mr Mehdi Jabnoune Tunisian


Dr H. Sentenac

BBMP, Montpellier, France Rice adaptation to salt stress Growth of insertion lines and crossing PhD thesis, Publication (Plant Phys, Ref.) Completed