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Dissemination of the REFUGE platform

Poster presentations

Plant GEMS 8, Lisboa, Portugal, Oct 2009

Rice Genetics 6, Manila, Philippines, Nov 2009

Africa Rice Congress, Bamako, Mali, March 2010

EPSO conference, Lapland, Finland, Aug 2010  pdf of the poster

9th international Rice Functional Genomics Symposium, Taipei, Taiwan, Oct 2011

10th International Rice Functional genomics Symposium, Chiang Mai, Thailand, November 2012

Oral presentations

4th CIBA workshop, Agropolis, Montpellier, France, Oct 2009  [pdf of the presentation]

EFOR network meeting on model plants, Jan 2010    [pdf of the presentation]

International Rice Congress, Hanoi, Nov 2010





ESPO newsletter, Oct 2009 issue  [pdf]

AUPELF-UREF newsletter, Oct2009 issue  [pdf]


These publications acknowledge the support of the REFUGE platform

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