What is REFUGE ?

REFUGE (The RicE FUnctional GEnomics platform) is an international hosting platform, based in Montpellier, Agropolis-Lavalette campus, France open to the international plant science community.

REFUGE offers an access to bioinformatic, biological, and molecular resources  and know-how allowing hosted scientists, including non rice specialists, to use rice as a model system to elucidate gene function through functional genomics strategies. Hosting of the scientists is typically carried out through one to several visits (from one week to 3 months) on the platform, REFUGE taking care of the materials produced between two visits.

REFUGE wishes to become an experience-sharing site for Scientists from the North and the South.

REFUGE is funded by Agropolis Fondation (http://www.agropolis-fondation.fr/) and set up by the AGAP (http://umr-agap.cirad.fr/) and DIADE (http://www.diade.ird.fr/) units.



The EURoot web site is open

EURoot aims at delineating a cereal root system ideotype in terms of architecture, uptake and signalling processes (including beneficial interactions with micro-organisms) that allows soil exploration, resource acquisition and maintenance of crop performance under limited soil water and nutrients
Visit the web site at www.euroot.eu/


Objectives of the REFUGE platform


Host scientists, including non rice specialists, who aim at elucidating the function of their favourite genes through the use of rice as a model system. Facilitate their research on that system to produce high quality publications and further access to funding sources.

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